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HCL—Ensuring your fall protection system is safe and legal

With our country-wide reach and directly employed technicians, HCL’s inspection and certification service will help you meet your legal obligations and safety imperatives.

A safety at height system is not something you can simply install and forget about. By their very nature, such systems are often exposed to the harshest climatic and operational conditions. That’s why there is a legal and moral requirement for periodic testing to ensure the system’s continued validity. HCL’s dedicated re-testing service provides the assurance that your system meets the appropriate legal standards and can be trusted to protect the people attached to it.

HCL has 10 operational areas nation-wide

With our network of operational areas we have the reach to test and maintain fall protection systems anywhere in the UK. If your organisation has multiple sites throughout the country we can establish a programme to ensure that every fall protection system on each site is tested according to schedule and to the same exacting high standards every time.

HCL’s technicians are directly employed

All HCL testing technicians are directly employed. Each one is trained and highly experienced in the installation, use and testing of safety at height systems. Tests are conducted according to HCL’s proven methodologies and with the use of specialised testing equipment.

HCL supports you with asset management

Details of all HCL fall protection system installations and previous test inspections are maintained on a secure asset management database. This enables us to be proactive in contacting you when a test is due and also ensures that our testing technicians are properly informed about your system’s specification when they arrive on site.

HCL adds value combining tests with maintenance

HCL technicians are expert at working at height. When they visit your site to test the fall protection system they are also qualified and equipped to implement any system maintenance that may be required. Additionally, if requested, they can make a technical inspection of your roof and conduct routine maintenance such as gutter clearing at the same time.

HCL provides the complete safety at height service