Freestanding guardrail

Free-standing guardrails for collective fall protection

HCL is expert at designing and installing free-standing guardrail systems that meet your needs for an aesthetically pleasing collective fall protection solution.

VersiRail free-standing guardrail systems by HCL are ideal for those situations where fall protection has to be provided in response to an occasional limited need for rooftop access. Its modular design enables maximum flexibility in terms of layout. It is available in three finishes and you can choose a straight upright, curved, inclined or flat folding style.

No permanent fixings required

There is no need to drill or penetrate the roof to install an HCL free-standing VersiRail guardrail system. The guardrails are held firmly in place by means of aesthetically pleasing low level counterweights.

Durable, lightweight and EN compliant

Being made of aluminium, VersiRail is 30% lighter than steel equivalents and is both weather and corrosion resistant. The VersiRail system complies with EN 13374 and EN 14122-3.

Maximising your choices for layout

In addition to the main guardrail sections, the VersiRail system includes a wide range of modular components that allow for maximum layout flexibility. For instance, HCL can help you create a system that goes around corners and has T junctions and access gates.

Full range of colours and finishes

Aesthetic sensitivity is a key feature of HCL’s VersiRail system solutions. You can choose either a natural or polished metal finish or have the system powder coated in any RAL colour.

HCL straight upright free-standing guardrails

The straight upright VersiRail fits seamlessly with the clean lines and contours of most modern buildings. It is particularly suitable for providing collective protection at rooftop access points and for demarking walkways.

HCL curved upright free-standing guardrails

As the name suggests, the curved upright VersiRail is shaped to reflect a more organic style of architectural design. It provides collective fall protection while also keeping people further away from the rooftop edge.

HCL inclined upright free-standing guardrails

With a 20˚ incline, the inclined upright VersiRail is less visible from ground level. The angle also helps to keep people further away from the rooftop edge and is therefore a good choice for buildings without a parapet.

HCL folding free-standing guardrails

Available in straight upright, curved and inclined styles, the folding VersiRail free-standing design folds flat when not in use and is therefore completely invisible from ground level. It locks securely into an upright position when required to provide collective fall protection.

System installation, testing and maintenance

Freestanding guardrail

Freestanding guardrail
Minimum inspection frequency

12 months

What to look out for 

Check for visible damage to components and/or fixings and also missing or loose components and/or fixings.

Legal requirement

Must be formally inspected a minimum of every 12 months.




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