Anti-slip walkway

Anti-slip walkways for safer rooftop accessibility

An HCL WalkSafe walkway creates a level anti-slip surface to complement fall protection systems and enhance user safety in virtually any at height environment.

The WalkSafe system recommended by HCL is a highly practical cost effective method of creating a safe anti-slip walkway over a rooftop. Manufactured from durable recycled PVCu, it attaches directly to the rooftop and establishes a demarcation route to guide workers in areas where there are potential fall hazards.

HCL walkway solutions for all major roofing types

WalkSafe is designed to work on all the major roofing systems including standing seam, composite, built up on site, secret fix and single-ply membrane. In addition, bespoke WalkSafe systems are available from HCL for cementitious, slate and bitumous roofing.

Protection against rooftop wear and tear.

An HCL WalkSafe walkway distributes the user load evenly and so reduces wear and tear on the roofing system itself. This makes it ideal for high traffic areas where regular access may be required for rooftop maintenance and rooftop plant inspection.

Strong, lightweight and fire resistant

WalkSafe is manufactured from re-chipped PVCu window profiles and has a lifespan in excess of 25 years (BBA certified). It is light in weight and fire resistant (class 1Y against B476 fire resistance test).

HCL walkways for inclined roofs

An HCL WalkSafe solution allows safe access to all parts of the roof. It can be installed on slopes of up to 15˚ and modelled to create steps for steeper gradients.

WalkSafe fall proof covers, work platforms and gutter walkways

The WalkSafe system is inherently flexible. HCL is expert at designing and installing variations for use as covers over fall hazards such as roof lights or fragile areas of roofing, as valley gutter walkways and for work platforms to enable safer access while maintaining rooftop plant.

System installation, testing and maintenance

Walkway (WalkSafe)

Minimum inspection frequency

12 months

What to look out for 

Visible damage to components and/or fixings and also missing or loose components and/or fixings.

Legal requirement

Visual and tactile inspection. Fixings load tested a minimum of every 12 months.



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